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Headshot Photographer in West Sussex. Portraits that mean Business.

Professional headshot photographer with over 10 years experience. Creative headshots for professionals, business owners and corporate offices.

  • A professional headshot is an essential part of your online profile. Invariably, your portrait will be the first thing people see, so it is important that your website and social media profiles have a professional, well made, up-to-date image.
  • I place particular emphasis on making sure you look friendly and approachable.
  • Stand out from the crowd and engage your audience.

“I do more than just point a camera at you and click away. Each job starts with the first email. I ask relevant questions to make sure you get the right style of image. Most people aren’t that comfortable being photographed so I take my time and guide you through the process, giving you positive direction and making sure you get images you are happy with.”

  • A professional portrait should be reflective of the sector and organization you’re affiliated with. For example, an executive portrait for a barrister, should look different than a headshot of someone in the media.
  • An experienced photographer can help you create an image that aligns with the values of your industry.
  • Investing in a quality portrait is a great decision and will reap rewards for years to come.
So impressed with the service provided by Toby. From the moment we first chatted on zoom I knew he was a good fit for us. He was very professional but adapted to our style and made us feel very relaxed. On the day he was very prompt and fitted into the day helping everything to go smoothly and getting just the right amount of pictures for us to capture the day without taking us away from the day too much or making things too false and staged. Seeing the photos was just amazing, brilliant quality photos capturing all the parts of our perfect day. We have had so many positive comments about the pictures and we are so happy with them, thank you!
Stephanie Edmonds
Stephanie Edmonds
Toby took corporate portrait photos for our company website. He is a real professional, with a relaxed, 'no-rush' approach - removing any stress from the process.
James Fitzgerald
James Fitzgerald
Tobias is simply a class act when it comes to personal photography. His excellent mix of charming whit and positive attitude are combined with years of photography experience and knowledge. Throughout the shoot Tobias and I were chatting and laughing together which resulted in some superb shots but also a lovely experience. Really can't recommend him enough.
Jack Haygarth
Jack Haygarth
We loved Tobias as our photographer. Could tell exactly what we wanted and listened to us and our guests.
John Williams
John Williams
Toby is friendly, professional, and made us feel very relaxed. He captured our special day beautifully and we would definitely recommend him.
Lee Davis
Lee Davis
Professional, kind and amazing quality photos. Tobias, thank you so much for adding to our special day!!! You're a legend; neither Kath nor I like having our photos taken, yet you made us feel comfortable and made the whole thing a load of fun. Katherine and Tom (July 21)
Tom Parsons
Tom Parsons
Thanks for a stress free experience. A family portrait with a dog isn’t the easiest to manage but Toby was patient and he was more than happy to wait for the perfect shot. A lovely picture and a really nice memory.
Liz O’Donnell
Liz O’Donnell
I highly recommend Toby. He surpassed every expectation I had, and as an artist myself I hold those expectations high! We had a spring wedding. The photos are stunning and captured the day beautifully. Many images were provided in a range of tones and Toby was very happy to make small cosmetic changes for the self-conscious bride. Thank you so much for your incredible work - we are delighted with the results.
Fiona Carrick
Fiona Carrick
Toby was recommended to us. We love his photography style and had lots of fun on the shoot - he truly impressed. He has an incredible eye for colour and beautiful composition. We love all the photos. Definitely recommend and would use again. Thank you so very much.
Elaine Mcgonigle
Elaine Mcgonigle

Price Guide

For Individuals

Essential Package

Sitting and three fully edited photos £175

  • Choose between Studio or Location
  • 3 looks
  • Online Gallery of 30 photos to choose from
  • 3 full sized fully retouched photos

Pro Package

Location and Studio 6 fully edited photos £250

  • Studio and Location
  • 5 looks
  • Online Gallery of 60 pictures to choose from
  • 6 fully retouched images

Group Rates

Business Headshot group rates for visiting an office and setting up a portable studio in an appropriate space are as follows.

  • Initial set up fee £125
  • Cost per head first 1-3 people £50 per head
  • Additional cost per head 4+ people £30 per head
  • So a sitting with 6 people would be £125 + [3x£50] + [3x£30]) = £365.
  • For larger offices I can quote a day rate based on photographing between 6-8 people per hour.

To get a quote for your Business Headshot call 07552 990080 or use the contact form at the bottom of this page.

You can tailor portrait sessions to fit your needs. I can consult on everything from lighting style and background colour to dress code and make up. I can shoot portraits to match pre-existing ones on your website or print media if you just need a few updates. Just fill in the form and let me know how I can help you.

Some Tips for your Best Business Headshot.

To get the most value out of your portrait it is important you are absolutely happy with it. A good headshot photographer will always strive to get the best from every sitter, but there are still things you can do to make sure your photo is the best it can be.

1.Get a good night’s sleep. 

A good night’s sleep is the best first step to a great portrait. Tired faces can look puffy. This is the sort of thing a photographer won’t pick up on if they haven’t met you before, but will be obvious to you later. If you do arrive at the office tired, try to schedule your photograph for the afternoon, that can help.

2. What to wear.

Your business headshot should reflect your corporate dress policy. For formal offices, where a jacket and tie is required for men things are pretty straightforward. Just make sure that everything fits well, is properly ironed, and neutral in colour. For women avoid anything too low cut or too tight, especally if the buttons can gape and show a glimpse of underwear. Fine stripes or checks can sometimes look strange when a photo is reduced for the web and are best avoided. 

For casual offices, avoid any clothes with logos. Especially if they have the year on them or something else that will date the photo. T-shirts can often imply you are a junior member of staff. You will probably use the same photo for a couple of years. Even if you are a junior when the photo is taken, you may be promoted during that time. Most men and women approaching middle age will not look good in a T-shirt in this context. As a rule, I would recommend open necked shirts for men and equivalent smart casual attire for women. Add a jacket if you want the photos to be a bit smarter.

3. Glasses.

If you normally wear glasses, you should wear them for your portrait. Your photographer should be able take care of any reflections from the flash.


Portraits used together look better if they are consistant in posing and style. I pose sitters to reflect where the final image will appear. If your photo is going to be used next to a written profile, your body should angled towards the text. On screen your body position should point to the centre of the screen and not out from it. During the session, it is important to have some variation in both pose and facial expression. I try to create photos to use in different contexts. It is particularly important to have both smiling and serious photos if they are going to be used in a PR context. You wouldn’t want a smiley faced photo accompanying a bad news story!

5. Check yourself in the mirror immediately before your portrait.

This is straightforward thing you can easily forget it. Check and brush your hair immediately before your photo. This is particularly important for women or men with longer hair, as it can gradually get more messy during the working day. Check too for stray eyebrows or nose hairs! For women you may want to touch up your make up, men may want to wash their face if they look sweaty or shiny in the mirror. Also check all buttons and zips are fastened and collars are straight.

6 Relax and have fun.

Sitting for your portrait isn’t painful, so try and enjoy the experience. A good portrait photographer will know how to put you at ease and get great results.

To book your business headshot call 07552 990080 or use the quote form below.

If you are after more general commercial photography click here