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The Experience

I rarely use a studio.

When I shoot a portrait I want it to be personal to the sitter, I want to be in their world, where they are comfortable and natural. I don’t want them coming to a studio full of big lights and stands and becoming awkward. I want your pictures to look like you, not my idea of you.

Ideally, I like to meet clients beforehand, get to know them and understand what they want from me, to maybe see some examples of photos they like so I can tailor my shoot accordingly, some people prefer colour, some like black and white, some want one large piece, others a book or digital files. If I know what you want beforehand we will all be happier with the results.

More than that it is nice to get to know people a little  before you start pointing a camera at them. It makes the shoot easier and the results better, also we’ll have more fun.

I do not have a fixed time limit for portrait sessions, they normally last around an hour, but if we have to wait for the light or a baby to settle I will wait and be happy to do so.

Once we’ve finished shooting, your preview pictures will be ready to view in about a week, either by appointment or if you’re busy, online. Orders take about two weeks from when the order was placed depending on my workload.

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