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Wedding Photography Tips – Plan your Travel and Check your Car.

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Every Wedding Photographer’s Nightmare is breaking down or getting stuck in traffic on the way to a Wedding.

Here are some simple tips that will help you avoid disaster.

Nothing is worse in wedding photography than turning up late for a wedding, and if you unsettle yourself before you have even begun, chances are you won’t get into the right mindset where you do your best work. Preparations for you travel should begin before the wedding day.

  • Make sure you car is serviced at the beginning of the wedding season. You can’t remove the risk of mechanical failure but you can cut it down significantly by keeping your car well maintained.
  • Check oil and water levels as well as tyre pressures the day before the wedding. Also inspect your tyres for any nicks or damage that could turn into a puncture.
  • If you don’t know how to change a tyre safely learn how. it could change an hour delay for a roadside assistance into a fifteen minute job.
  • If you have pre wedding meetings with clients try and meet at the venue where possible. As well as being able to check out photographic opportunities, it lets you have a trial run of the journey, if the venue turns out to be tricky to find much better to get lost on the practice run. If you are shooting at a city centre venue, try and work out  parking arrangements, and ask the venue if there are any problems with parking.
  • Plan your travel on the basis of an arrival time and a time that you start work. Your arrival time should be such that you have some leeway for traffic delays or similar. I often allow over an hour during the tourist season in Sussex, I just bring a flask of tea and a good book to read!
  • There are plenty of traffic monitoring sites on the web. Before you leave for a wedding check to see if there have been any incidents. The BBC travel page at is an essential read before setting off.
  • If disaster does strike make sure you have some emergency contact numbers so you can let your clients know what’s going on, phone the AA, or call a cab. Sometimes mishaps can’t be avoided, but at least you can let people know what is going on.
  • If a wedding is very far from you, consider booking into a hotel the night before hopefully at the clients expense!

Have fun out there!



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