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Portrait of Sadie, Brighton Bandstand

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Technical Details: This image was shot with a Toyo 45C View Camera which produces images on large format (5×4″) film. I used a Schneider 210mm APO Symmar lens and Fuji 160NS film. Shutter was set to 1/60th @ F11.

This is latest image in my project on the vintage scene, Vintage Girls.

I shot this down in Brighton, just after a rain storm. It was a bit windy, Brighton Bandstand is right on the seafront for those of you who don’t know it,  so I had to shield the camera and luckily everything was sharp.

Sadie is the presenter for The Vintage News, a website that makes new features on all the latest happenings in the vintage scene. They travel all round the country filming different events and creating newsreels you can visit them at


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