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Portrait of Jessie, Chichester

Portrait photography by Tobias Key

Jessie, Photographed in Chichester


Jessie is an actress with a passion for all things vintage who asked to shoot with me at the end of last year. We shot at a few of the more picturesque spots in Chichester, but I really liked this image which was shot in a little track behind some houses near me. Jessie had great poise and was great to photograph, and the location adds a sense of depth to the image which is something I always look for in a photograph. There is something very compelling about the illusion of 3d and I think it is something that is in a lot of my more successful images. I like large format photography because this effect seems to be stronger in larger formats, and coupled with the sense of occasion your sitters feel when confronted with a very large camera, it is a great recipe for compelling images.

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