Portrait of Catrina, Chichester.

Portrait Photography by Tobias Key

Portrait of Catrina Rose, shot in Chichester


This was the first large format image I made after the terrible weather we had at the beginning of the year, so even though there isn’t any new leaves sprouting it feels like my ‘Spring’ photo. One of the things that’s very limiting about large format photography is that the camera is very hard to keep still in windy weather, even on a tripod. The process is also not very waterproof, so unless you can put up a makeshift shelter, wind and rain pretty much stop play with this camera. It does make you value fine days a bit more, and there are plenty of large format photographers devising new and ingenious ways to keep their cameras dry and still. This image was shot in Brandy Hole Lane woods, and the coppiced trees give the area a particular look that I really like. This is one of those photos that is not what I’d call an ‘internet’ picture.  It doesn’t work well as a thumbnail, so doesn’t encourage clicks on social media. I still like it though 🙂

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