Current COVID 19 Policy Weddings

In this unprecedented time I am still available for new bookings but there are restrictions on what is permitted. To maintain safety both for clients and myself all new client meetings will be conducted online or by phone in most cases.

There is also the possibility that changes in government restrictions may cause weddings to be rescheduled at short notice. Remember restrictions can tighten as well as loosen. In light of this I am changing the way I work. This will ensure that you can still book me with confidence.

The guidance for weddings will be relaxed from 4th July. Wedding ceremonies can go ahead with a maximum of 30 people attending. This would likely include officiants, photographers and venue staff so in actuality number of guests would be lower. This would also be limited by the size of the venue itself. Even if your wedding is small, you may find your guest numbers would still have to cut to ensure social distancing at a smaller venue. After the wedding only two households could eat together up to a maximum of six per household. It would therefore be impossible for most couples to share a meal with even both sides of their immediate family. In most cases I would guess that couples would still want to postpone to a later date.


All current clients can reschedule their wedding without extra charge. As weddings restart there will be restrictions on numbers. There may also restrictions on the type of photography allowed. These restrictions will become clearer over the coming weeks. For example, group photographs may be restricted to people from the same household. So many of the traditional wedding pictures we are all familiar with will be impossible.

If I am unable to cover a new wedding date myself I will hire another photographer to attend in my place at no extra cost to the client. I will of course consult with clients to make sure they are happy with my choice.

I have also changed my payment policies to better reflect the changed circumstances we are operating under. To that end I reducing the initial deposit to 20% of the total wedding fee and delaying second payments until we can be sure the wedding will go forward, at the moment I am proposing two weeks before the wedding date.

Wedding dates for 2021 will be in high demand as so many weddings from this year are being rescheduled to next Summer. So if you do need a photographer for your wedding it will make sense to enquire sooner rather than later.

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