These are examples of the best wedding photography I have shot recently.

Complete sets of wedding photos are the best way to judge whether I am the right wedding photographer for you. It is a far better guide than just seeing the best 5 or 6 pictures from ten or twenty weddings. The best wedding photography should contain a selection of photographs that capture every aspect of your wedding day. Vitally, the photographer needs the skill and experience to be able to work in all sorts of conditions and lighting situations. It is essential to communicate well with people, and be a calming influence on what can be a stressful day. An experienced photographer knows how to be in the right place at the right time without being asked.

I hope that looking at these photographs will give you a better idea of how I work and the overall balance of different images that I shoot. Each wedding is a complete body of work in its own right. Please view the pictures in that context. Importantly, you must have a good balance of pictures to make an album.

The Best Wedding Photography is a collection of pictures working together from one wedding. Not a few lucky shots from a number of events! 

Best Wedding Photography

If you would like to meet me and talk about your wedding day please use the Wedding Contact Form. Please go into as much detail as you can, the more I know about your wedding day the better!

I also have a wedding photography blog that contains all my latest work as well as hints and tips on how to make your wedding run smoothly.

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